Site Reliability Engineering

Our client, a start-up gaming provider based in the UK, is seeking several SREs.
The company is a small but growing team in a multi-cultural environment, working with the company would allow you to make a real difference working on cutting edge gaming products at the forefront of the Asian Gaming markets.
The company offers competitive salary, with excellent benefits such as a relocation allowance as well as a private healthcare scheme after 1 year of service. The company offers work visa sponsorship.
The company is establishing a SRE team in our rapidly growing company, the below are main aim of establishing this team:
-Ensure the system meet the SLO standard through engineering and technology method;
-Short-term aim is to help reduce any unnecessary issues and to expand our scale of service;
-Long-term aim is to establish all in one platform in line with the development of the company;
-Build automated monitoring, reporting and early warning systems;
-Resolve problems through automation whenever possible in order to reduce the degree of labour intervention;
-Cooperate with development team, providing system structural suggestions and balancing the stability, flexibility, and innovation of products.
Responsibilities included but are not limited to:
-Responsible for maintaining technical operations for the products and ensuring the overall performance of products and service availability.;
-Follow up technical operation solutions of gaming services from interface to launch to meet the requirement of regulatory authority;
-Solve technical problems of launching process and long-term operations, explore operation risks and technical difficulties, optimize business process, and improve maintenance efficiency and service quality;
-Establish sound cooperation relationship and build trust with other project teams, give regular feedbacks for risks in the business and make improvements, and ensure stable business operation;
-Optimise service design and technical structures in order to meet the needs of business growth and service performance improvements;
-Finish other tasks assigned by the company.
Desired Skills:
-Familiar with DevOps/SRE conceptions, tools and ecology, structural design and practical experience in related fields including automation, configuration managements, observability and site reliability and so on;
-Experience in building and maintaining complex Linux environment in high availability environment and supporting modern Web operation technology;
-Familiar with Kubernetes/Docker containers, KVM/Ovirt virtualization and related technology;
-Familiar with CI/CD tools and practical experiences, such as Drone/Jenkins/Ansible and so on;
-Familiar with Prometheus/Zabbix/Grafana/Fluentd/ ELK Stack and other monitoring log tools;
-Familiar with MySQL/PostgreSQL/Redis and other database management and maintenance;
-Familiar with Golang/Python/Perl/Shell and other programming languages;
-Familiar with network related knowledge, such as TCP/IP/HTTP/TLS/HTTP2/NAT/DNS/CDN.

If you think you have the right experience for in this role, please apply with your CV, email or call on 0207 029 3751. I look forward to hearing from you!



Wendi Yang

About me: I grew up in Xi’an, a City in central China and moved to the UK to discover different cultures and experience the European lifestyle. Before moving to London, I lived in Liverpool for 2 years. I have worked in recruitment for over 3 years now and mainly focus on the Chinese Market. The reason why I love what I do? Recruitment offers a day-to-day challenge which makes you develop determination and mental toughness.

In my free time I enjoy going to the country side on long hikes or bike rides.   I also enjoy a cold beer on a sunny day.

Fun fact: I hiked up the Mount Hua, known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world!