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Summer Camp Teacher

Summer Camp Teacher 2020

Would you like to spend your summer inspiring the next generation of Oxbridge students while visiting China on a fully paid trip? Become a summer camp teacher!
*Time: July and August 2020, with each camp lasting 12 days (including 1-2 days off)
*Camp locations (to be confirmed): Shanghai, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Suzhou
*Teaching content (two different camp formats):
1. Oxbridge camps (AS students - typically aged 16-17)
* Prepare students for Oxbridge written tests and interviews
* Offer guidance on writing the personal statement
* Conduct mock interviews
2. Project-based camps (GCSE students - typically aged 15-16)
* Design and implement academic projects with students
* Teach them how to write a scientific report and conduct a literature research review
* Assist them preparing project presentations and/ or product delivery
Subjects needed:
* Maths or Computer Science
* Physics, Engineering or Materials Sciences
* Chemistry or Chemical Engineering
* Biology, biochemistry or biomedical science
 Economics or land economy
* Applicants must study or have previously studied at Cambridge or Oxford
* PGCE or similar teaching qualification preferred
* Previous teaching experience is highly preferred
* Experience of living in foreign country is preferred
Note that there is no requirement to speak Chinese, and applicants of all nationalities (Chinese, British, etc.) are welcomed.
* £16 per hour, plus a performance-based bonus
* Travel reimbursement: maximum 600 pounds
* Tour to local historic places and team building events



Osmar Rodrigues

I work in the Temporaries division, specializing in the recruitment of multilingual job seekers.

About me: I’m originally from Portugal. I have moved to London in 2010  to do a degree in Human Resource Management. My BSc in HRM has fired my passion for wanting to know more about recruitment and how it can support different companies to achieve faster levels of growth. I was looking for a place where I could find challenges and I could improve not only my sales skills but also my people skills. Joining Euro London has given me the opportunity to use my mother tongue and work alongside diverse characters from different cultures.  I could definitely  say that my expectations were met, and I was able to reach my aspirations.

Interests: Gym, Dance (Hip Hop and Afro), Photography and Travel


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